Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Supposedly Mets interested in Ross..

I'm at the point with this organization where I don't believe any of the rumors and it seems like they're purposely leaking rumors to make it seem like they're trying to do something.  While they've been linked to several free agent outfielders, it doesn't appear they've come close with any of them.

The excuse that several of their targeted players have gotten two years when they only valued them at one is irrelevant since market value is what demand makes it not based on a predetermined assessment.  Besides if your willing to pay a player 5M for a year and feel that player will improve your club, then how is a second year at the same salary going to have that much impact on the long term budget.  That doesn't even take into account outfielders who signed a one year deal.

So now that almost every outfielder on the market is off, Alderson has gone from quipping about the outfield to saying the 2013 roster is going to be similar to 2012.   If the Mets acknowledge that there are major holes in the outfielder and that they have money to address those issues via free agency, then aren't they acknowledging there were free agents that would have been upgrades.  Therefore, if it becomes the case that nobody left would be an upgrade at their current cost, then it's an indictment of the front offices failure to properly gauge the market and make adjustments.

I do believe Ross would be a decent pickup and hope that this rumor is actually true, instead of being another wild goose chase.  Ross is a decent corner outfielder and has power from the right side, I still see him more as a platoon partner but something is better then nothing...

Ross resurrected his career by hitting .267 with 22 homers and 81 RBIs last season with the Red Sox. The Mets view him as a potential everyday right fielder and an upgrade over Hairston, who is still largely regarded within the organization as a platoon player. source NY Post