Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And then there was none, Hairston to Cubs..

Photo by Michael Baron

After joking at their own outfield or lack there of, the Mets have sat idly by as the free agent pool and trade markets have completely evaporated.  Now they appear left with the same outfield that they were making jokes about for most of the off-season.  All off-season they have danced around re-signing Scott Hairston making him a fallback guy who they could re-sign at any point, but now Hairston has a two year deal with the Cubs and the Mets don't have one major league quality outfielder.  What amazes me is the Mets have even passed on minor players with high upside like Thomas Neal.

Scott Hairston has two-year deal with #Cubs pending physical, Ken Rosenthal reports. #mets source Adam Rubin