Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cross Kearns off the list

Looks like another right handed outfielder is off the market, Austin Kearns will re-sign with the Marlins on a minor league deal.  I thought Kearns would be a nice inexpensive fit for the Mets instead of signing Hairston for two years or trading prospects for a guy similar to Kearns.  I like the Colin Cowgill trade but if I was going that route I would have brought in a few Cowgill level guys and see which one stuck, Kearns would have been included in that group.  Of course, the Mets could pleasantly surprise me and trade for a big name outfielder like it's been rumored they're looking to do, I'm at the point where I'll believe it when I see it...

Look for the Marlins to re-sign outfielder Austin Kearns (.245, four homers, 16 RBI)… The Marlins are among several teams in talks with Matt Capps, who had 14 saves for the Twins in 2012, but also a rotator cuff injury. source Miami Herald

More importantly Kearns signing means the right handed outfield market is almost completely dried up...

Jeff Baker
Matt Diaz
Ben Francisco
Scott Hairston
Austin Kearns
Darnell McDonald 
Delmon Young