Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Even with just signing invites I think they have a chance

Photo by Michael Baron
After yesterday's post I was asked if I thought the Mets could be competitive, if they were to go with my plan and only sign guys on minor league deals.

Oakland and Baltimore proved this past season that anything can happen but I think the Mets can be competitive on more then just hope.

Once again the Mets will need everything to break right which hasn't happened in any recent season since they've needed everything to break right but that could mean they're due.

I know the organization is aiming towards 2014-2015 but they have done the current club no favors, there were players who could have made an impact that signed elsewhere for reasonable deals.

Like I said yesterday, with what is left I would only sign guys I could get on minor league deals and Yes; I do think they can compete.  This is how I would go about my roster and why I think it at least has a chance...

SS- Tejada
2B- Murphy
3B- Wright
1B- Davis
LF- Kearns
CF- Ankiel
C- Buck

As I project it, it would be a balanced line-up the biggest issue is that there isn't a true speedster to lead-off.  Tejada hit .293 with a OBP .334 leading off.  Even in a bad year Kearns hit .310 with runners on and .275 with RISP, his lifetime .351 OBP is better then any current candidate.  Hitting seventh Ankiel hit .259 and with runners on he hit .250, two out RISP he hit .300.  I'm hoping for a little more power from Ankiel then you get from Kirk, even in a year he got cut Ankiel Slg. pct was .411 ( lifetime .422) compared to Kirk's .376 Slg pct. Buck will also provide more power then last year's catchers.

Murphy needs to the high BA/OBP that everyone thought he was going to be and not the .230 hitter he was in June and August. I'm hoping moving Duda down would take any pressure off him and help him be the power hitter we hope he can be.  Of course, Davis is a key, he needs to be a middle of the order hitter or this offense isn't going anywhere.  My only concern with DW is after the big extension he tries to carry the team and presses.

With the addition of Kearns and Ankiel I would also add one of Mark DeRosa, Cesar Izturis or Ryan Theriot for the bench.  DeRosa/Theriot  hit .270 with a .340 OBP, Theriot is younger and can steal bases but that could make him more costly while DeRosa is near the end of his career and may be willing to play for a hometown team ( from Passiac NJ). Izturis is a switch hitter which could give him an advantage since the bench looks a little too right handed.  I'd try to grab Chris Snyder as the back-up catcher, 76 games last year seems to indicate his back can handle a back-up role.

Bench - Baxter, Cowgill, Snyder, Lutz and Cesar Izturis

I think this bench would give you a replacement at every position while giving the manager a decent mixture of defense, power and speed.

I'll break down the pitching staff tomorrow...