Friday, January 4, 2013

Is Jeff baker on Mets wish list...

We've all heard Austin Kearns name as a fall back if the Mets fail in their attempts to re-sign Scott Hairston. Kearns seems like a natural fit and I've even come to the conclusion that if hairston is going to cost two years while Kearns can be brought in on a minor league deal, then I'm going with Kearns.  In my opinion the upgrade to Hairston is marginal in comparison to the contract cost.

There hasn't been much speculation beyond Kearns as to who could be brought in to fill the right handed outfield.  The other day Anthony DiComo of speculated that along with Kearns the Mets could look at Jeff Baker.

Scott Hairston tops the list, though he has also drawn interest from various contenders. Should the Mets whiff on Hairston, Austin Kearns or Jeff Baker could come into the picture. source

I haven't heard Baker's name before and it could just be Dicomo's speculation but he would fit the type of player the Mets seem to like.  The 31 y/o right hander has major league experience at 1B/2B/3B and both corner outfield position. He's a lifetime .266 hitter with a .316 OBP and a slg of .428.