Friday, January 25, 2013

what to make of Bourn rumors

Photo by Michael Baron

Let me start by saying that I think Michael Bourn aside from being left handed is exactly what the Mets need, a speedy lead-off  hitter who is a strong defensive center fielder.

Not only would Bourn fill offensive and defensive holes for the team but he would also allow Ruben Tejada to move to a more natural position in the line-up.  Using Tejada as the lead-off hitter is a stretch and puts a lot of un-needed pressure on the youngster.

No Bourn isn't a difference maker who will propel the team into contention but he could end up being a veteran presence along side  Wright as the youngsters develop, much like Worth was to Zimmerman while the Nats youngsters developed.

Also if the model is great starting pitching and solid to above average defense then up the middle positional players should be considered a premium commodity for the organization.

To often last seasons' team lacked base path speed, there was no one in the line-up who could steal a base or even take an extra base,  just ask Mike Pelfrey what kind of pressure base path speed puts on a pitcher.  The Mets still lack speed and will continue to be a station to station offensive team with very little power.

It's not unusual for this front office to work quietly behind the scenes, after all they signed Shaun Marcum without a single leak but after nothing linking Bourn and the Mets all off-season suddenly it's one of the most public rumors in baseball.

I'm left feeling very skeptical about the situation but I'm not really sure who I'm skeptical of.

We could have easily said this was Boras drumming up serious suitors for his client at the expense of a large market club but the Mets haven't disputed the rumors.  Does that mean the rumors are true or are the Mets allowing Boras to use them as they are using him to keep a fan base happy that has grown increasingly frustrated with their lack of activity with this false rumor.

Boras gets his mystery team to come out of the woodwork and finally make a real offer thinking they have to beat out the impoverished Mets from getting Bourn for a steal while the Mets can hang their hat on making a college try and then being financially or draft responsible.

Then again the Mets allowed their most productive power hitter to walk, lets face it the Mets clearly didn't bring Hairston back.  At what he got they weren't outbid the team chose not to bring him back, Gomes with almost identical numbers got 2yr/10M while Hairston will have to achieve all his incentives to get 6M over those same two years.

So if the Mets passed on Hairston over concerns of playing time, then who exactly is this outfielder who will demand all this time, certainly none of the cast of characters they currently call their starting outfield.

Have ticket sales looked so bad that the Mets have become desperate and ownership has demanded a big splash or on the opposite end have finances improved so much they can afford a big contract that they couldn't before.

With neither side denying the rumors, which are as intricate as the Mets asking the league about draft protection it almost seems as if they're working together to make this happen.  Boras has been known to work with club's to make a marriage work when the market demand for his client isn't there.  Boras may have even assisted the Mets with this "Loop hole" idea.

In fact it doesn't make sense for the Mets to ask about a ruling on the draft pick unless the two sides already know they can reach an agreement.  I'm not even sure this deal would hinge upon the pick, not only is Bourn a perfect fit but they know over the next few years they have to bring  in multiple outfielders so maybe they decided to nab Bourn now.