Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why are D-Backs shopping Upton so hard is there smoke

The Arizona Diamondbacks have too many outfielders but there seems to be more to this then simply a matter of numbers.  Last off season the D-Backs signed Jason Kubel to a two year deal worth 15M, Kubel should have been the veteran leader a young Arizona team was looking for but this off-season they created the outfield log jam by signing Cody Ross.  They not only signed Ross but they over paid him, most outfielders of his ilk were getting two years while Arizona gave Ross three years to come to them.

Now Ross appears to be a duplication of Kubel:
Kubel-  .250 BA, 30 HRs, 90 RBIs compared to Ross- .260 BA, 22HRs and 80 RBIs.

So if the D-Backs felt they needed to bring in Ross to the urgency of over paying by a year then it would make sense for them to move Kubel.  Surround Upton with Parra and Ross while you have Eaton and/or Pollack coming off the bench.

I even get the idea feeling out the Upton market but he's under contract through 2015 so there shouldn't be any urgency to move him.   Now maybe perception isn't reality but it certainly seems like they want to move Upton.

In June of 2012 D-Backs owner Ken Kendrick called at Upton along with Stephen Drew, later in the year Drew was traded for a single A player.  Kendrick's comments resulted in a backlash from his agent (source USA today). 

Kendrick called out the club's longest-tenured player, Stephen Drew, saying the shortstop already should have returned from the ankle injury he suffered last July. He also called Justin Upton an "enigma," saying it's time for the 24-year-old right fielder "to be a consistent performer." source azcentral

In early July of 2012 Upton was getting booed at home and this is how he responded (source Hardball Talk). So apparently as Upton struggled last year which resulted in the booing and fans questioned his drive, not that it's an indication of much since we've seen David Wright get booed and called Mr. Unclutch.  I'm just trying to figure out if there's more to this then just looking for the most return.

Even an Arizona D-Backs blog says the team needs to trade Upton calling the 24y/o two time All-Star a change of scenery guy and that the marriage between the two sides needs to be ended.  In his defense during the season Anthony Castrovince of MLB has several quotes from teammates defending Upton and bashing fan/media perception.  Apparently whether warranted or not things got very ugly between Upton and the fans last year and the media jumped on it,  one thing can be said Upton's power numbers drastically declined  last year hitting only 17 HRs after 31 the year before...

My only caveat to the realization that Upton will most likely be gone is that Towers needs to continue to hold out for a good deal. He needs to keep grinding away and hope that he can strike a deal soon with the likes of Texas, Atlanta or Baltimore. Unfortunately for all involved, it needs to be done and the marriage between Upton and the D’backs needs to be dissolved for all to prosper in the future.source Venom strikes