Saturday, February 9, 2013

Could Podsednik be the back-up to Bourn

Scott Podsednik is a 36 y/o left handed center fielder who is still a free agent.  Podsednik posted a .302 BA in 63 games with the Red Sox last season, after not appearing in the majors since 2010.

The veteran center fielder spent the 2011 season in AAA after signing a minor league deal with the Blue Jays/ Phillies.  Apparently Podsednik wasn't willing to spend any further time in the minors, last year Boston traded him to Arizona who immediately attempted to send him to AAA and Pod refused resulting in his release and resigning in Boston.

I'm not sure how much speed he has left, the last two seasons in the majors he didn't steal more then seven bases but prior to that he was a 30 steals a season guy and one year he stole 70.

Ken Rosenthal believes that Podsednik could be the fallback option for the team that loses out on Bourn....

Teams like Podsednik, but he likely will need to wait for one that wants more help, suffers an injury or misses on a free agent like Bourn.source Ken Rosenthal